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Make New Horsey Friends while Promoting Equines in Clark County


   The Clark County Executive Horse Council is dedicated to sharing, educating and supporting equine needs throughout Clark County. Our goal is to protect and preserve the rights and interests of horse owners and enthusiasts. Over the last several years, one of CCEHC’s main missions has been to promote and support the Adopt-A-Horse Program and Ripley’s Horse Aid Program. Both programs are designed to accommodate our area horses that are in dire need. Some horses might

require relinquishment to the Adopt-A-Horse Program, where in other cases the Ripley’s Horse Aid Program may be able to prevent neglect by providing short term assistance to horse owners who are in financial distress. 

  The CCEHC also strives to raise funds in order to provide scholarships to further the education of Clark County youth and support our local trails.

   The Executive Horse Council encourages you to share your love of horses and invites you to join us as a member/volunteer! If you are already a member of the council, we hope you will join us in further endeavors to promote the positive image that the equestrian community can present to all
who come in contact with it.

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